Where I’ve been~ and future blog posts I’m thinking about

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but as my graduation from high school is nearing, and that means the more time to begin writing again. I’ve been accepted into Occidental College in LA, a great liberal arts college where our President attended for two years, and plan on studying foreign affairs and diplomacy. I will also continue studying Farsi and Arabic to move my dream of working in the Middle East closer.

I will post immediately after this a snippet of my experience on the school board, and ad promoting a school measure. In the future, I also plan on writing about:

–The ulterior motive on mandating a person bring their photo ID when they register to vote
–Why affirmative action is necessary to cancel out discrimination in the work place
–Schools, based on their socio-economic population, will either teach students how to be managers, or laborers
–Updates on the Green Revolution in Iran
–Libya, and a look into Qaddafi’s past

So subscribe, keep on checking the blog for more post!

Occidental College


One response to “Where I’ve been~ and future blog posts I’m thinking about

  1. Congratulations on your entry to Occidental College in your persuit to make the world a better place for all. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the afore mentioned topics.

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