Don’t Kill JFK a 2nd Time!

The Texas State Board of Education voted 10-5  on March 12th the approval of a new curriculum with the vote falling on racial lines; all whites voting for, and all minorities voting against. However, they are making a final vote in May after hearing public testimonies. Be part of that public voice, and sign this petition telling the TSBOE that we do not want high schools to text out of textbooks that will not:

Eliminate the reference of Separation of Church and State

Replace Evolution with Creationism

Downplay JFK’s role in history while boosting Reagan’s.

Not include that Non-Whites died on the American side of the Alamo

Minimize Native American, African American and Hispanic history in the US

Eliminate Thomas Jefferson and replace him with religious icon John Calvin

And much more. Join the facebook group, “Don’t Kill JFK a 2nd Time!”

Sign the petition! Spread the word!

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