Breaking the siege; The Gaza Freedom March.

Yesterday, December 27 marked the one year anniversary of the Israeli assault on Gaza. Following 150 rockets sent by Hamas into Israel, killing 2 Israelis, Israel invaded Gaza in a supposed attempt to kill Hamas fighters. The end result was the massacre of 1455 Palestinians, in which over a thousand of those Palestinians were innocent civilians.
Nonetheless, over 400 of those were children.

The UN endorsed Goldstone Report would be one of the first international efforts to officially charge Israel and Hamas with war crimes committed; but the US vetoed it when the House condemned it because it was too biased against Israel.

Israel has yet to be charged, and admit war crimes under international law.

The massacre that started on December 27th one year ago in the Gaza Strip was collective punishment on all Palestinians . After the massacre Israel limited even more aid from getting into Gaza, making it virtually impossible for Gaza to reconstruct from the dozens of air strikes of phosphorus bombs and Israeli raids.
Over 80% of Gazans are now living in poverty. 50% of Gazans are children.

The first step to creating peace between Israel and Palestine is for Israel to lift the blockade off of Gaza, allowing Palestinians to have control of airspace, maritime and to open the borders.

On New Year’s eve over 1,000 activists around the world are coming to Gaza, including Naomi Klein, Gore Videl, and Howard Zinn.

They will break the siege of Gaza.

“The Gaza Freedom March will show the residents of Gaza that the international community of citizens has not forgotten them, and will call worldwide attention to the ongoing humanitarian crisis. Through this effort and other activities, we hope to force the leaders of our governments to tell Israel “enough is enough; open the borders!” states Code Pink, a womens peace organization.

On December 31st, 50,000 Palestinians will also march 3 miles through Gaza from Iazbat Abu Drabo to the Erez border. In Israel, Palestinians and Israelis will also march to the Erez border.

However the 1,000 International delegates are not assured entry into Gaza. There has been pressure on Egypt to allow the delegation into Gaza; but there’s no saying in what could happen. If Egypt does not allow them into Gaza there will still be a protest on the Rafah crossing, and the 50,000 local Gazan residents, and Israeli and Palestinian marchers, will still go on.

As the world watched the IDF drop phosphorus bombs in Gaza, without discrimination, the world will watch what could be the largest Free Gaza protest yet. Vigils, rallies, protests around the world will also take place on January 1st at the same time of the Gaza Freedom March to show international support for the Palestinians.

One will take place in Portland on Friday, January 1 @ 5pm at Pioneer Court House.

Endorse the Gaza Freedom March

If governmens have failed, if the UN has failed, than it is up to global citizens around the world to create peace between Israel and Palestine. And on January 1st, the starting of a new year, that is exactly what they will be doing.

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