Ahmadinejad..Smashes Larry King!

Ahmadinejad smashes Larry King. Regardless that I oppose Ahmedinejad, and that he stole Mousavi’s presidency, I’m sure Iranians all over the World would be snickering at Larry King’s attempt to draw out the worst of Ahmadinejad. Well; I’m sure they are. That’s a question entirely by itself, what do Iranians hate more, their president or Western Imperialism? Iranians are very nationalistic, so I think in this situation they’ll be on Ahmadinejad’s side. So this will probably be the only time I ever say it, but hey, keep up the good work, Mr. President.

My favorite part:

Ahmadinejad: Shouldn’t we be asking where the Holocaust happened? Isn’t it the case, that it happened in Europe?
Larry King: Of course.
Ahmadinejad: Who were the perpetrators?
Larry King: The Germans.
Ahmadinejad: What role did the Palestinian people play in what happened?
Larry King: Hold on…Lemme get a break…I’ll get right back to that…


3 responses to “Ahmadinejad..Smashes Larry King!

  1. Nah, I agree, but his interview with Larry King was still pretty funny. Bush could never pull something like this.

  2. Ahmad najat thinks himself an Islamic but actually he’s NOT!! he’s a brutal and cold blooded murderer he kills our people and bombs our mountains i hate him he’s like a terrorist not a president

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