Universal Healthcare

Last year when I was volunteering with Oregon Action, I met a man who had brain damage. He was one of the most brilliant people I’ve met yet, but also possible one of the most ineloquent. He was slow, and I had trouble understanding what he said. So what’s his story? Was he in a car crash? A speech disorder, perhaps? Growing old? No. A root canal. His insurance company wouldn’t pay for the few hundred dollars to pay for surgery, because they didn’t think it was necessary. Well, they ended up paying for a 100,000 dollar surgery when the tooth reached his brain. I was working with this man to promte universal healthcare in Oregon. When I grow up, I’m willing to pay a few extra dollars for universal healthcare. Maybe I’ll never need it, but if I can pay for someone who can’t afford root canal surgery’s surgery, then it’s sure worth it.

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