Netanyahu has closed the door.

They’ve said that Netanyahu has “closed the door” on any peace proccess between the Palestinians and Israelis. On a post written by Marcy Newman, she settle Netanyahu’s 4 “no’s”:
1. No to Al Quds
2. No to Refugee’s right of return
3. No to stopping the expansion of settlements
4. No to the right for Palestinians to defend themselves against their occupiers.

But, after his meeting with President Obama he doesn’t have much of a choice but to outreach for peace and “expanding the circle of peace” after Obama’s threat of witholding aid from Israel if it continues expanding over Palestinian land, (with emphasis on illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank). However, an independent Palestinian state under Netanyahu’s terms would mean that Palestine has no military, it cannot control maritime or airspace, and have no power over checkpoints. The Palestinians will have no control over Jerusalem, and Jerusalem will remain soley an Israeli capital.

Basically what you get out of the first few minutes of his policy speech is his outreach for unity between the Israelis and Palestinians because of the following reasons:

1) Iranian threat
2) Economic crises
3) Advancement of peace

It’s not clear exactly why the Palestinians would have any interests in uniting with Israel against this so-called, “Iranian threat”, considering Iran has gone out-of-its-way to speak out for the Palestinians. Iran isn’t even an Arab country.
He goes as far as saying that Israel is “obligated by international commitments” to end this conflict. If this has to be done, we must discover the root of this conflict, and that conflict is:
“The refusal to recognize the right of the Jewish people for a state of their own…”

This is my question for Netanyahu:
Who’s refusing? Is the entire Palestinian population being collectively oppressed because of the small percentage of militant Palestinians who refuse to acknowledge as Israel as a Jewish state? Most Palestinians, (as well as most Israelis) favor a two-state solution.

A spokesman for Hamas has commented that “”[Netanyahu]’s racist speech and his policy on the ground – the extention of Jewish influence in Jerusalem, settlements in the West Bank and the siege in Gaza – proves he is lying about his desire for peace,”
Not once in his policy speech did he ever say that the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank would end, nor that the siege in Gaza would end. Palestine, to Netanyahu’s terms, would be “a Palestinian state for a ghetto with no sovereignty, with no control of its land, of its resources, of its passage, of its roads, of its airspace, of its borders,” according to Mustafa Barghouti, an independent Palestinian MP, to Al Jazeerah News.

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