Revealing the Veil: NBC’s “Inside Iran” on Dateline

The first thing my Mom said to me when I returned to our home was that Dateline was showing a special insider on Iran. As we’re sitting around the TV, my Father becoming a bit homesick, my Mother googling the bazaar, myself wishing I was in the TV, we felt a mutual glimmer of hope for the media. This was undoubtedly an authentic look at Iran, parallel to Rick Steve’s lectures we went to a few months ago. The highlight of this special was the Iranian the youth: The “new face of change”.

60% of Iranians are under the age of 30 years old; and young people tend to favor reconstructionist, they favor Mousavi. If the election goes smoothly, (As it did to our surprise in the U.S.) Moussavi should be the next president of Iran. What would this mean?
Liberation to the people, perhaps.

Mousavi believes in disposing the “Moral Police”, which oppresses the youth, and woman mainly. He wants to lessen tension with other countries, which also includes negotiating with the U.S., in which he’ll engage in talks with Obama. Mousavi has condemned Ahmedinijad’s refusal of the Holocaust, and does acknowledge that the Holocaust was a horrible genocide, and did in fact exist.

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Let’s get something straight; I don’t like Moussavi. I don’t hate him, but I just don’t like him. I’ve read about Khatami for a while now, and I was enthralled when I heard he was running for president of Iran. Parallel to Americans during the 2008 elections, I believed Khatami would bring change and hope to Iran. Then on March 9th Moussavi announced he would run for president. Shortly after on March 16th Khatami dropped out of the race. Newsweek suggested that Khatami dropped out because of death threats from Moussavi’s “people”. Khatami, however, boldy claims that he merely dropped out in order to not split the reformist vote; at least this way Ahmedinijad isn’t in a position to “divide and conquer” the reformist vote. That’s exactly what would have happened. Unlike Hilary Clinton, who continued to split the democratic vote by prolonging her campaign, Khatami, for whatever reason he has for dropping out of the presidential race, did indeed save the reformist vote from splitting between himself and Mousavi.

Nonetheless. Mousavi will bring change and hope to Iran. A Soon-To-Be President elected by the Youth, Mousavi being the next Iranian President will be further evidence post Obama’s Egypt Speech to the Muslim World, that there may just be peace in the Middle East afterall.

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